Migos Governs Ball Music Festival

How did Migos become the biggest group in the world, with almost 30 billion streams and 68 billion YouTube views? Migos and their Culture series stand tall in the pantheon of hip-hop greatness: with massive critical acclaim, 47 award nominations, and the first rap group to tie the Beatles for most simultaneous Hot 100 entries (after the Fab Four clutched the record solo for 54 years), Migos have permanently changed culture. Here’s how.

Out the Bando (The 2000s)”

Pooshiesty Trends After Photo Shoot

Pooh Shiesty has pleaded guilty to a single firearms conspiracy charge, and while that could still earn him up to 8 years behind bars, it’s far better than what he was previously up against. He has been in lockup since 2020 and currently spends his time among others at Miami’s Federal Detention Center.

A single photo that made its way out shows Pooh Shiesty, who now sports a thick beard, hanging with two other inmates. The rapper is flanked by both men who throw middle fingers as well as gang signs for the camera.